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Business Since 1987

Formerly known as Tax Service Plus, GAP Accounting Services Inc. has been a local mainstay in Cottage Grove, OR, since 1987. The business was purchased by Louis Roner in 1996. Over the 20 years of his ownership, his wife, step-daughter, and granddaughter worked for the business. In 2015, Louis’s granddaughter, Crystal Hawley took over the daily operations and purchased the business in 2016. Though he is not the boss anymore, Louis continues to work for GAP Accounting Services, Inc. as a valuable team member. Since stepping into ownership of the family business, Crystal has worked hard to expand the business through her exceptional tax work and accommodating customer service. She and her team create a relaxed atmosphere and personal approach to each client and their needs, making them feel valued, appreciated and confident every step of the way.
Personal Tax Services in Cottage Grove, OR

Meet Our Team


Crystal H. has been preparing tax returns for GAP Accounting Services, Inc. since 2000. In 2015, to better serve her clients, she chose to expand her licenses by completing her Federal exams to become an Enrolled Agent. She also completed an additional state exam to be a Licensed Tax Consultant. Oftentimes you will find Crystal with her nose in a book or on the computer researching to find a loophole for her clients. She’s best known around the office for her play on words. “My life is a musical,” she states, as she bobs her head along to her most recent concoction of lyrics.

Louis R.

Louis has been a licensed Tax Consultant since 1991. In 2006, he completed his Federal exams to become an Enrolled Agent. Although he has handed down the reigns, he continues to work at GAP Accounting Services, Inc. He provides that much-needed level of mischief, and he’s a lifelong resident of Cottage Grove who he enjoys seeing his long-time clients, as well as meeting new ones.

Debbie H.

Debbie H. has been a tax preparer since 2009. As our payroll specialist, she joined us with 43 years of payroll experience. Since 2016, she has enjoyed getting to know our clients, as well as meeting new ones. Although Debbie has been a lifelong resident of Cottage Grove, she brings a new outlook to the tax returns she prepares. Make your appointment with Debbie today.

Pattie R

Although Pattie is not a tax preparer, she brings a bit of zest to our team. She is happy to schedule your appointments, return your original documents, provide you with a copy of your tax return, or even a pen. She has been a part of our front office staff since 2015. Pattie has spent her whole life in Cottage Grove and may even know a relative of yours.

For more information about any of our services, feel free to contact GAP Accounting Services, Inc. today by calling 541-942-8237! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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